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About Atty Kathleen Curran

(also known as Kathleen Curran, Kathy O. Curran, Kathy Curran)

Attorney Kathleen Curran has always been a caring and considerate person. Her choice to take the route of a lawyer to help others only made sense to her. This passion to help people has allowed her to excel in her cases. Kathleen Curran has more than a decade of experience helping clients within Wisconsin. She focuses on divorce, child custody, and child support in family law.

Kathleen understands that every person is unique and that each case will always be different. She ensures that time is a available for her to understand the complexity of each client's current situation.

The end result of divorce isn't always so black and white. There isn't one winner and one loser, but a step towards a new chapter in one's life. There are many things to consider for the end result of a divorce and Kathleen uses her knowledge and great experience to educate her clients on the best course of action to move forward.

Kathleen always loves a challenge and opportunities to learn something new. This is especially true when talking about family law. Family law cases frequently result in a drastic life change, and she wants to ensure that each client feels safe and prepared to transition.

One profound memory that Kathleen thinks back on was a time when a challenge client reached out to her years later to thank her for all her hard work she put in for them. Kathleen always tries her best to go above expectations no matter who the client is or how troubling the case might be at first.

In 1991, Kathleen graduated from Marquette Law School. In 2006, she worked at Eustice, Laffey, Sebranek & Auby S.C., a family law firm, and then in 2016, she completed her training in collaborative law.

Kathleen has always been active within her community in Sun Prairie. In the past, she served as a member of the board for the Public Library Foundation, and the Quarterback Club. In addition, to this day, she is a member of the Women's Golf Association and volunteers her time to the Volunteer Sunshine Legal Clinic.

Kathleen has a home in Sun Prairie with her husband Peter and is the proud mother of two sons, Ryan and J.P.

Outside of the legal field, she enjoys traveling up to the Greater Bass Lake to experience the great atmosphere as well as the beer and cheese that Wisconsin has to offer.

Bar Membership and Education

Marquette University
Law School

Doctor of Jurisprudence (1991)

Drake University

International Relations (1985)

Emphasis in Business

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Attorney Kathleen O. Curran
(608) 440-8087

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